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Tue Apr 9 22:21:09 2024 (*ea8266d6*):: I feel so old. When I was young. I had the passion to win. But now, with age and all that comes with it, I have lost the desire. And the strength. +public!


Thu Apr 4 03:06:48 2024 (*ea8266d6*):: White paper abstract as song +public!


Wed Apr 3 23:16:58 2024 (*ea8266d6*):: +public!


Thu Mar 21 04:39:16 2024 (*097dfbf6*):: *** Dogecoin ATX – altcoin trading, Thu, Mar 28, 2024, 7:00 PM | Meetup *** **WOW** Many pump! Such halving! Total eclipse! Powell says rate cuts coming….. We are loading up the rocket and getting ready for launch! How many days until MOON?? Come *** Meetup (*097dfbf6*):: +public!


Wed Mar 20 22:30:16 2024 (*4297a328*):: (*097dfbf6*):: +public!


Thu Mar 14 17:10:10 2024 (*4cfb807c*):: How is it going? (*ea8266d6*):: I’ve got some stuff written up. I haven’t published it publicly yet (*ea8266d6*):: +public! [ ] test later *** Ai that makes decent tracks with basic writing prompts. I wasn’t blown away by it’s EDM abilities but hip-hop ain’t bad. *** Ai that makes […]


Fri Mar 8 00:06:58 2024 (*e065f1ca*):: Update coming in the next two weeks. I may scratch my original storyline for something much much more doable. (*e065f1ca*):: I still got to play with some storyboarding for this new idea. But I’m liking it so much more than my original idea. It is also simpler and I […]


Thu Feb 29 03:29:48 2024 (*4297a328*):: (*6952cd93*):: +public!

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